Wishing I was a little girl, all over again.

November. Occasionally rainy. Mostly dry. Onset of winter. You can claim we don’t really have a “winter” here in Bangalore, but trust me, it gets really cold. Misty in the wee hours of the morning. My skin becomes dry, posing perfect reasons to believe that all those winter cream ads finally make sense. November, marks the end of September. I hope someone woke up Green Day on time, since they begged, pleaded, cajoled, and shook us all up. If they haven’t woken up yet, I’m sure they’re going to be in some deep slumber all this month.

I also learned this month, about this thing called the Movember. Mo(stache) November, where one spreads awareness about issues which concern Men and their health. Causes are supported, money is raised, and donated to the appropriate. Interesting. Sport a “mo” guys, but uhhh.. make sure you shave it off by December. Shave me off, when November ends. 

I’m also thinking about Thanksgiving. Well, not really Thanksgiving, but all the sales that follow. The Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving kicks off the shopping season officially. I can’t stop thinking about what to get myself. Hell, I can’t make up my mind. That new phone? My phone officially needs to behave officially. I need email on my phone. How complex has my life become! I need a phone, and I need a G.O.O.D one. Samsung S II ? Everyone is crooning about the iPhone 4S. I don’t need to talk to Siri and complicate my life some more.

This is one November, and back in the day, there was another. In school. November was special. I remember school well enough, somehow college seems to be hazy. Maybe it was because college was impersonal, if I may say. I don’t think they made you feel special enough. College was a bunch of lectures, important notes, photocopies, tests and exams. I know I’ve made my best friends there, but if they weren’t there, college would be pretty darn.. how do i explain this.. Lacuna (which means blank, btw, word for the day).

Back in School, today was s.p.e.c.i.a.l. November 14th. Children’s day. Every year, for 12 straight times, this was possibly the most fun day that existed in school. To watch students goofing around all through the year was one thing, to watch your teachers goofing around was something else. I remember standing quietly at the morning assembly, the previous day, when it was officially announced that there was something incredibly special being organized for the next day. The announcement normally made waves of excitement ripple through, you could see it in my school mates faces, if you looked around.

The next day, I’d carry lesser books. I’d make sure I carried books of the teachers who scared me, and would genuinely be pissed off (for the lack of a mild word), and the rest were kept behind. The assembly that day, was usually highly abnormal. The prefect conducting assembly, and only a bunch of teachers in sight. Where were they? I’d look around, peering into windows, if I could see anyone. After painfully standing through a plethora of news readings, thoughtful thoughts for the day, random quizzes, we’d be directed towards the auditorium.

Another agonizing wait, till the whole school was seated, they’d finally let the show begin. Starry eyed, and with awe, I’d watch my teachers put up a show. They’d sing, dance, run around, do crazy things, and set off ripples of laughter. My “dangerous” teachers were up there too, holding hands with the others, running around. They behaved exactly as we would, every single day. An hour later, we’d be proud. Proud, because the teachers we see everyday actually put up a cracker of a show. Proud, that they were my teachers! Proud about my favorite ones, surprised about the quieter lot. Makes me think about how proud they’d feel to see us on stage, each time, 40 times over, for each student in their class.

Today, I’m utterly bored on Children’s day. I’ve grown up. My life is complex now. I loved being a Child. I didn’t have to think about work, or how I’m going to save money. I’d not worry about what to wear to work, or to meet my friends over the weekend. I’d not care about what shoes I wore, or about how I’d dazzle and shine all day through. I’d not worry about how my career is shaping up, or how I’d manage my time. All that mattered, on this day, was that I was happy. My teachers allowed us to have fun, and showed us how its done! Like a rockstar!

I wish I were back in school today. I wonder what they’re doing this year. Here’re a couple of things that I remember from a few Children’s day celebrations. Add your favorite ones in the comments, this sure seems like a fun day, at last.

Mrs V missing dentures, Mrs J as a puppet, the fashion show, Mrs P and her special act (she donned our uniform once), the Physical Exercise teacher being  the center of all shows, the mimicry, the sensational stories, the dances, and the perfection. 

Here’s wishing that little boy/girl within you, a very Happy Children’s Day!

25 responses to “Wishing I was a little girl, all over again.

  1. I had completely forgotten about this until I read the post completely. I feel nostalgic now.
    I remember being punished severely by my Physical Exercise teacher a day before Children’s day because I hit one of my classmates really hard. But he was all cool and apologetic on 14th and even took me to an ice cream parlor after school celebrations were over.
    ..And I just feel glad that it wasn’t my mathematics teacher who punished me.

  2. Aww my lil’ baby sis!!! Happie children’s dae! U’re still a child while with frens n family..so take some time off n make the most of today :) Have a lollypop ;)

  3. Schools used to go all out in preparing for Children’s Day. I used to love the fests and the songs and dances. Nothing of that exists now. Sigh.
    But I went out shopping yesterday and that is one part about being a bigger child that I enjoy. :D

  4. Firstly, I love what you wrote under “The Face”, about you :D
    I’m 17 and I remember my childhood with nostalgia :)
    We used to live in a flat in Mumbai, and every children’s day, we used to get noodles and tons of chocolates at some kids’ house. There’d be turns each year. It was fun :D (Mainly cus we weren’t allowed much noodles or chocolates :P)

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the read :D

    Could you give a post of mine a read? And if you like it, could you vote for it? I’d be really really thankful, if it counts for anything :P :)

      • Who won’t love chocolate and noodle? That’s a question to be asked :P
        But during childhood, chocolate and noodles were a strict “once a week” thing for me, under the command of my mother :P
        Hence each time we got chocolates or noodles, we’d enjoy them to the core :)

  5. so nicely written
    ‘color’ dress on children’s day is what i remember most from school – a welcome from the daily drudgery of our brown & cream uniform

    agree with you about the blore ‘winter’ – chilly alright :)

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