The Quest to find Answers..

This mind is a funny place to be in. When I say “this” mind, I totally mean mine. My mind is like a little Devils workshop (notice, I said little – be happy ye’ friends who make fun of me). I’m always brewing up things, trying to think about things that make me happy, try and push things which disturb me into the background and treat those topics as non-entities in my life (who does that! *rolls eyes*). I simply believe that the world is as big as I can think about it. If you’ve heard the phrase “expand your horizon”, I always thought of it as pushing my imagination ahead by a mile, so literally, it would mean expanding my horizon, right? By a mile?

My head, as a whole, seems quite large. My voluminous hair, comes from Mom’s side I think. Wait, is it Dads side? I’m pretty sure I got the nicer hair gene. (sis, you can take the better nose gene ;) ) So, it makes my head look big, and considering I’m a rather tiny person, I’m always doing the head “pat-down”. People who don’t notice often enough – I often run my fingers through my hair, just to make sure that they’re sitting prettily (?), behaving itself, and looking normal. On some days, they just misbehave like its nobody’s business. Like they have a mind of their own, waving and running around in any wild way they like, and someone’s aptly called it a – Bad Hair Day. (Bad Hair! Sit Down you!) Also to be noted, is the very static nature of my hair. On these sullen, dry, frizzy hair days, you could rub a balloon on my hair and will be provided enough energy to help stick it on a wall. I give everyone a shocker, just by shaking hands with them. Sparks fly! Quite literally! Sigh these hairy problems. With all due love and attention, I love thee my mane!

From the mind to the hair problems, would seem rather weird, but the emphasis here was on certain problems that one has. I have many – hair problems, love problems, confusion, clueless-ness, problems in friends lives, problems with the cable guy, problems wondering why boys like star-wars (trek? what was it? scratches head) problems with x, y and z customers at work, issues, cases, tickets, karma, LIFE! The most common problem for me in a day, is checking my emails at work, and thinking – “Ok, that’s 3 truckloads and 2 auto’s full of work, now where do I start”. Then I trudge along. Sifting. Sorting. Panic-ing.

I went on the most beautiful holiday this year. Sitting by the Pangong Tso, I realized that my problems were not as humongous as I make them out to be. Once you sit by something so majestic, huge, and breath-taking, and you feel like you’re “little-r” than you’d imagined, your problems will seem insignificant. That place blew me away and filled me up with mixed emotions. The mixture of warmth and the cold, happiness and extreme sadness, worry and peace, was enough to confuse any intelligent mortal soul. I would’ve slipped into spiritual mode, and serious soul (sole? :P ) searching, had it not been for an answer I was looking for. I found an answer, and hid it away, and decided to implement it when the time was right. Here’s what I learnt – Letting go is as hard as painting a canvas is (for me). As soon as doubt arises, letting go will put someone at ease. Someone’s life will be less conflicted. As soon as someone will realize what you’re putting on the line, and appreciate you for it, it will make you a happier person.

Here’s a bit of Heaven for you!



14 responses to “The Quest to find Answers..

  1. Hmmmm……….. *scratches head* ….ummmm….. *scratches the chin*…… errrrrrrr……. *rips the hair on the head* …….. arrrrgggghhhh ….. *scratches scalp* …… grrrrrrrr……. *bangs head on the wall* ….OUCH!!!………….Still can’t think of a suitable comment.

    PS – Change the theme

  2. Star Wars is NOT Star Trek! Don’t even confuse the two. You’re having fun at our expense, eh? Fine!

    Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!

  3. Oh Piyu, I loved how you poured out your heart in this one. My two cents? Brood till you get it out of your system. Rave, rant, crib and then spit it out.

    You cannot hold back something you didn’t own in the first place.

    • :) Thank you Purba. I’m brooding right now. I’m still waiting to get into cribbing mode.

      I’ve pretty much understood how things are to be now, so I think I’m sorted.

  4. its an amazing…and what a lovely post….

    problems…solutions…heaven…hell…sadness…happiness…its all in the mind…
    if you want sadness, you will always find a reason….if you want to be happy, just let go…

  5. I love this post. I relate to this. Thanks for nose gene compliment. its leaking right now tho and i’m wishing i din’t have one…And i understand about problems – i’ve had enough of my own no …but all ya need to do is to deal with it by running to your parents/sister every weekend..:) And stop working so hard.

    • Yes-ah? I’m watching “India’s most haunted” with Rocky and Mayur. :| No one at home, and I’m scared I say.

      Hehe.. why am I telling you this here?

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