Dear Richie…

My Dearest Richie Rich,

Really, really happy to be following you around each time you globe trot. (Thank you twitter.) Its been a privilege to know that you get to globe trot for free. Well, many of us wish we’d inherited an empire as large and magnificent as yours. Most of us only inherit a brain. Really, wish we had more of what you have, I don’t think having a brain counts most of the time. Must be an awesome feeling right? You, Richie, are a lucky guy. Really. The fact that you make it a point to explicitly express your gratitude to your father for all the generosity he showers on you, really cool that! Also, congratulations, a little “birdy” says you got yourself a very pretty arm-candy now.

We’re really happy you found yourself¬† a huge job as a director in a huge company. Must’ve been tough, convincing the owner of the empire, that you deserve it.¬† Life’s hard Richie, glad you made it. We back here are so proud of you, you just tweeted about some “present” that you received, (sweet dad you have) and that you’re going to do something huge with it! Always put the legacy to good use Richie. Don’t you ever think we’re jealous. We commoners are encouraging. We only have a slightly skewed way of showing encouragement. We never really meant any harm, but the society we’ve grown up in loves modest people. I’m not sure if you’ve been in touch with the Indian society really. Doesn’t seem like it when you speak. We’ve inherited brains, like I told you.

Just a random thought though, is there anything you particularly do with all the money you have? Like, invest in a cause, rope in your big contacts, help the society? Really, don’t you think you’d make a difference just by spreading the word that you are spearheading a cause for the good? I really wish you’d put twitter to better use, and live up to the legacy you’ve inherited. You’re so young, and have taken on the world, how about cashing in on the “good times” and doing something meaningful.

I do know of one venture that you’ve taken up.. great going! Hoping to see more coming our way.

Hearty wishes and cheer,


Update: He cares. He’s talking about flies now! The world is saved.. atleast, the houseflies are!

10 responses to “Dear Richie…

  1. wat dude! dont follow him then..and Mr.Rich isn exactly daddy do gooder himself!! What with his Branson-esque shenanigans, a legacy in the form a large spirits company and an unhealthy fetish for the young ladies.. tone it down kid..your wrath seems misdirected!

    • I can’t say much for Big Daddy, thats a hopeless case! :) I follow him to see how stupid he can possibly get. Now I have my answer- not much more.

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