I’m fascinated. Yes, yes, I am. I have an OCD to write and try to scribble down little instances and things about people that grip my attention on my phone. (Oh! Not scribble, really. I wish I had those cool phones on which I could actually do that, but my new touch screen doesn’t allow it. Hmmph!) Well, I have very distributed (some destructive even) thoughts, but this a collected, urge-controlled (before it gets erratic) post.

Special gratitude to He-Man, who tried to give me ideas, none of which I took. Thanks for the random talk!

This is about my discussion with rAD-R, who said and I quote, “You need to get in touch with your uncrazy side.” Not once, but many times. Although, rAD-R, this statement’s now right back at ya! What we were discussing, very boringly so, is about some crazy Dreams, and how most of them are influenced by regular (irregular maybe?) activities in a day. Now, my dreams hold a U/A tag, so read on. (The others are not up for public discussion)

Ok, for reference and out of habit, I’ve to name each dream too. (I’m a techie, I ought to have learnt this much!) The latest one, I’m going to call Chinese Momos. Well, the dream involved me (in my new pretty dress and high heels) walking to a bookstore with a certain Sir Tweet-a-lot (weird?) and him showing me a book he bought. The cover had a Chinese painting-like picture depicting the Great Wall. Not that either of us bought the book, we got a free bookmark! The kind with red Chinese tassels at the end. Dissection didn’t take long for me after gyan from rAD-R. This had to happen, considering I was talking to Sir Tweet-a-lot about my blog and was told I write well (I beg to differ). On the same day, I also happened to snack at this Chinese restaurant (or was it Tibetan? Will never know) and pick up momos. Must I mention, that the lampshade there had “red Chinese tassels” hanging off it? Well deduced!

Another weird one, called Pop-goes-the-Corn. The scene is set at home, mine I mean. I’m having a weird pepsi-popcorn party. Well, the attendees are the regular, rAd-R, Wag-kid, goofy, Aw, DreamWeaver, BlissMug, HappyBones and Crush. The highlight and reason for this party was in celebration of acquiring a Popcorn Machine. Well, the other unimportant highlight was that mom was feeding Crush some cake, and I was being the jumpy me, trying to grab eyeballs. Now, I’d say this was a very possible, life-like dream, highly influenced by my experience with the popcorn machine at work. I remember having stood in front of it and gaping in awe at the tiny seeds bursting into full blown fluffy fans, and of them “pop”ping and spilling over from the hanging vessel thing onto the container. I also clearly remember the butter sizzling and melting over those golden brown pieces of joy. (Hoping I got a few people to crave popcorn. Mission Accomplished). The rest of the dream was regular, usual and everyday people in my life. Ooh, BTW… I love you all. Really do. Each one of you! I think you’ll are awesome people, who’ll get the best out of life, soon.

I know that these dreams weren’t happening enough to write about. They didn’t have superhero’s, TV series, glam self portraits, or me being photographed for the highheelconfidential.com. All I wanted to put across was the point about my dissection of dreams. Dreams are heavily influenced by activities that regularly or irregularly occur in your life. Oh no! This whole post only makes me want to get more mystified with the sub-conscious mind. Like I was not fascinated enough….

(PS: please post your weird dreams on the comments! Will be fun! )

UPDATE : I just watched Inception… :O I had no clue this was related… wow..  rAD-R- you just “incepted” the idea into my head! Plus plus plus… I found my totem

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